Surf Psychology Retreats

All our retreats are private or mini retreats that are fully customized to your needs. Your retreat program is designed by psychologist Lisa Davidsson. Read more about our retreat packages below and find out how they are structured and then further customized to your needs.

Intermediate Surf Psychology Retreat

An intermediate surf psychology retreat designed for the surfer who wants to start surfing bigger waves, take on more shallow reef breaks  etc. The retreat focuses on overcoming whatever fear or performance block that is holding you back. All surf coaching is private and completely designed after your skill level and personal goal. Your surf coach is an expert in not only teaching higher level surf skills but surf and performance mindset as well.

Retreat includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation and all meals included
  • 3 private mental coaching sessions with psychologist
  • 5 private surf sessions with coach
  • Transportation to surf
  • Daily video analysis and surf pictures
  • 1 sports massage
  • Airport transfer

Beginner Surf Psychology Retreat

A beginners surf psychology retreat designed for the surfer who is still in the earlier stages of learning to surf. The retreat focuses on overcoming any water or surf related fear and strive to make you an independent surfer that can go out in most conditions and waves by themselves. All surf coaching is private and completely designed after your skill level and personal goal. Your surf coach is an expert in creating independent surfers as well as getting you comfortable in the water on your own.

Retreat includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation and all meals included
  • 3 private mental coaching sessions with psychologist
  • 5 private surf sessions with coach
  • Transportation to surf
  • Daily video analysis and surf pictures
  • 1 sports massage
  • Airport transfer


Front view Triangle Dome

You will be staying at our retreat center in one of our houses. Each house has an ensuite bathroom, spacious bedroom as well as outside seating and living space.

You can stay either in the Triangle Dome house or in the Ocean View Treehouse. Each house is carefully designed and constructed from natural materials. The houses have good natural airflow and remain shaded during most of the day, keeping them cool and comfortable.

We take great efforts to reduce our impact hence we don’t offer AC in our bedrooms. All cleaning products as well as shampoo and soap are organic and produced here in Bali.



Our retreat center is situated in the middle of the rice fields yet only 300 m from the water. This gives us an epic view of rice fields extending all the way to the ocean. All units, including the restaurant, have magnificent ocean views.



The local surf

You find great beginner as well as more advanced surf breaks, reef break or beach break, within walking distance. All you need to do is slather some zinc on your face grab the board and walk on down.

Coconut Corner

 The Surf Psychology

How it works

Because surfing is such a tough sport we are faced not only with the challenges of surfing itself bur also our own inner challenges. Challenges such as, how do I persevere through repeated failure? How do I face my fears? How do I assert myself in the line-up?  

The retreat will start with a personal session with our psychologist where you will in dialogue assess the challenges you want to work on as well as set goals for the week. From there your surf schedule and follow up mental coaching sessions will be planned. 

The following two sessions with the psychologist will be to tackle whatever comes up in the surf sessions as well as the goals set in the assessment talk.  

Each surf session will start with visualization exercises and light breathwork to get ready and focus the mind for the day’s challenge. Each surf session will end with a video analysis as well as a debrief relative to your goals and performance. 


The Process

Step 1 Assessment & goal setting

Step 2 Daily surf- and mental coaching

Warmup (15 min)
We warm up the body and the mind with visualizations and breathwork.

Surf session (2h)

Video analysis (30 min)

Debrief (30 min)
We talk about how the surf session went and if any new challenges arose. From there we talk about potential exercises for improving as well as set the focus for the next day. 

Step 3 – psychology sessions

There are three sessions with the psychologist included in each retreat package. This includes the first assessment session as well. The other two sessions will be diving deeper into your personal challenges to to guide you towards resolving those. 


 Add-ons & Upgrades


An upgrade is a package that you can add that will add several elements to the original retreat schedule. All upgrades have to be prebooked with the retreat or a minimum of 4 weeks in advance.

Yoga Upgrade $150

The Yoga upgrade gives you three sunset yoga sessions with a private teacher. This upgrade can be shared with a friend for half the price. The yoga will be scheduled on the three afternoons empty in your schedule.

Surf Skate Upgrade $100

The surf skate upgrade will give you three coached surf skating sessions including surf skateboard rental. Two of the sessions will be held locally around the retreat and one will be at Amplitude skatepark in Kerobokan. The surf skate will be scheduled on the three free afternoons in your retreat schedule.

Surf Fitness Upgrade $130

The surf fitness upgrade gives you three sessions with a personal trainer. The first session will be a surf fitness assessment session. The following two sessions will be a personalized fitness program with a mix of strength, endurance and  mobility exercises tailored for your specific needs. The surf fitness sessions will be scheduled on your free afternoons.

Spa Upgrade $80

The spa upgrade will give you three additional massages. It also gives you a product gift basket that will elevate your entire stay to a more luxurious spa feeling. The massages will be scheduled on your free afternoons in your retreat schedule.

Balinese Culture Upgrade $80

The Balinese Culture upgrade will be one Balinese cooking class at the retreat center, one workshop on how to make 3 different styles of offerings and one trip to the water temple Tirta Empul outside Ubud where you will receive a traditional water cleanse. All this will be scheduled on your free afternoons in your retreat schedule.


An add-on is a single event you can add to any day during the retreat week as you wish. You can prebook together with the retreat or add on spontaneously according to availability.

Surf survival workshop $150

The surf survival workshop is a 3h long workshop that includes apnea (freediving) theory as well as in-water exercises to train breath holding and relaxation. You will also go through training of simulated surf scenarios to apply the techniques in strenuous and stressful situations. The workshop can be scheduled on any free afternoon but it’s advisable to schedule it early on in the retreat.

Hypnotherapy session $220

A hypnotherapy session (3h) to address any of the issues you have identified together with the psychologist. Hypnotherapy is a very effective method of relieving any fears or underlying traumas that is impacting your daily quality of life or certain aspects of it. This session can be scheduled on any of your free afternoons.

Physio Assessment $60

You will have a 1h long assessment session with a physiotherapist. The assessment can either be to help you address existing pains or to identify physical weaknesses  that is holding you back from performing to your highest physical potential.  The session will work on relieving any muscle tension and stiffness as well as give you exercises to perform on your own time.

In-water photoshoot $150

An in-water photoshoot will be scheduled for one of your surf sessions. It will give you video or photos or a mix of the two from a very close in-water perspective. This add-on can be shared with a friend to reduce the price.

 Food, Drinks & Snacks

We serve a menu of vegetarian and sustainably sourced pescetarian food. Retreat guests are served three main meals per day as well as snacks and a healthy afternoon smoothie or juice.

All produce are organic and locally grown. We aim to use as much from our own garden as possible. We have papaya trees, banana, jackfruit, passionfruit and soursop on the property as well as lemongrass, pandan, moringa, chili, basil and garlic.

With 30+ coconut trees on the property all retreat guest can enjoy a freeflow of young coconuts to drink. We also use the coconut meat in many of our meals.

All meal packages can be made vegan or adjusted for any allergies or intolerance.


My experience definitely exceeded my expectations.  I worked through my issues with fear, anxiety, and negative self talk in regards to surfing in order to gain confidence and have fun again.  The psychology side not only helped me with my surfing, but also in my daily life. I loved the surf coaching, but I know I would not have overcome the challenges I faced with only a surf coach. I needed  the surf psychology program to help me retrain my mind just as much as I needed to work on my physical surf skills. I feel like the retreat equipped me with so many tools I can continue to use. 

Amelia Rose, California

This was an excellent retreat! Surfing spots were chosen on a day-by-day basis according to surf conditions,
by the coach who knows all of them very well.
The sessions helped me to tease out conscious but also subconscious knots. It helped me to reach my peak performance, to flourish . Thanks to this retreat , I have a better sense of how I can overcome the obstacles on my path. I never thought that I could learn so much about myself in a few sessions ; this retreat turned out to be immeasurably valuable.

Geraldine Leturcq, France

Lisa’s surf psychology course really spoke to me because just knowing it existed helped reassure me that I wasn’t alone with my fears. We met up to have a conversation about what they offered at Coconut Corner – which included surf coaching, fitness training, psychology and hypnotherapy and as (one of the BEST) investments I have ever given to myself. I co-created a sort of private Surf Psychology Retreat with Lisa, so that I could step out of the environment where I was struggling and get to the heart of my fears so that I could work through them. Working with Lisa helped me learn about myself and revisit some uncomfortable truths in my self-confidence, along with the way I speak to myself when I feel like I’m failing – all which, along with improving the physical skills or surfing, have been invaluable to work through. 

Bianca Capstik, UK