• Enjoy the surf and the waves worry free
  • Take back control and become the surfer you want to be
  • Be filled with joy and love for the ocean
  • Take bigger waves and challenge your comfort zone
  • Be confidence in the crowd and navigating the social scene with ease 

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Take the week to focus only on surf or start with just a weekend and our assessment retreat.
Customizable retreats available as well.


Step 1 – Assessment

A 1 – 2 hour interview to assess the problem and
to gain the understanding of how we need to work through it.

Program presentation and scheduling



Step 3 – Surf  sessions

When we are ready to move to the water we start
working with surf coaching for technique and in-water support as well as mental coaching on the beach before
and after the surf sessions

Step 2 – Psychology sessions

We start working on shore with various techniques
for counselling and coaching

  • Program presentation
  • Treatment sessions
  • Mindset coaching
  • Practical training



Become the surfer you want to be

Learn to paddle out there with confidence. Don’t let blocks and fears stop you from becoming the surfer you dream of being.
A retreat with us will not only help you in your surf but also support you in other areas of your life such as career, relationships etc.

Knowing yourself and trusting your own skills is always a good investment.

Lisa Davidsson

Lisa Davidsson

Psychologist & Founder of Coconut Corner

Lisa Davidsson is trained and educated in Sweden. She recieved her masters degree in psychology from Lund University in 2011.  Lisa is specialized in social psychology, neuro psychology, behavioral change, anxious disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders and emotional disorders.

Lisa has 10+ years of experience  working i the field of psychology focusing mainly on working with behavioral change and social health care. She worked both with individual clients as well as in the capacity of overseaing treatments and staff training.

Lisa is a passionate mental health advocate and wants to inspiring people to look after their mental health on a daily basis.

“No body would go through life expecting to remain physically healthy without effort. The same is true for your mental health.


*KITAS/KITAP price available