Coconut Corner Boutique Hotel & Retreats

Coconut Corner was built in 2019 although parts of the property was built in 2017. Before the Business was founded Coconut Corner property functioned only as a residential property. However the intension for the property has always been the same. To create a space that nurtures the body, mind and spirit alike through it’s deep immersion in nature, secluded location and organic and natural build style.

The property have three separate bedroom units with private bathrooms. A uniquely designed deep pool, a kitchen sized for hosting bigger groups as well as operate as the hotel restaurant. The parking can accommodate  cars and motorbikes. An extension of the property is planned and prepared for with building permits for another two bedrooms. 


The Neighborhood

The neighborhood is still a very quiet part of Bali despite being only 30 min from the hot spot Canggu. The surrounding area is rural and has that classic Bali look with a lot of greenery and rice fields all around. Coconut Corner is only 300 m away from a quiet little beach. The beach has an intermediate level surf break but other more beginner waves or advanced waves can also be found within walking distance.

In the immediate area you find other businesses such as horse riding stables, Kuda P and Salty Cowboy, event, restaurant and coworking spaces Joshua District and Bali Beach Glamping, and cafes and restaurant Little Ripper, and the Fat Hog.

The road on which you find the property is still very quiet with only 4 other villas (two still in progress).

The Founder & Owner

Lisa Davidsson built and designed the property to create a space for healing and reconnecting with nature. The space itself is designed to be calming and nurturing through it’s open living design and natural and local building style.

Lisa is a psychologist and hypnotherapis from Sweden who moved to Bali in 2016. Lisa is specialized in clinical neuro psychology. She has 15+ years of experience working mainly with children and adolescents within the social system in Sweden. Most recently she turned her focus and efforts towards working with surfers healing water and surf related trauma.