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A playful space with a cooling ocean breeze and stunning views

The treehouse is a calm open space elevated among the treetops. The bedroom can open-up fully on two sides to let the ocean breeze in and let you fully connect to the elements around you. Relax with the sound of the ocean and the jungle surrounding you. At night you can enjoy looking at the stars from bed through the big skylight.

Enjoy the breeze among the trees.The living room is a big open space with beanbags to relax in and a table for working or private meals outside. You can relax in the net suspended 7m above ground and look out towards the rice field or up into the trees. This is the most comfortable spot for relaxing in the treehouse while at the same time being a bit thrilling.

Reconnect to your Adventurous and Playful Side

The treehouse is the perfect place to reconnect with yourself and with nature and to nurture your adventurous and playful side. It’s a beautiful space filled with playful elements such as the net but also the fireman’s pole that was installed for a quick exit.

The bathroom is open to the nature on one side but privacy is ensured through a thick wall of plants that creates a very immersed jungle feel and is more beautiful than any man made wall could ever be.