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An exquisite escape with true immersion into nature and its music

The triangle dome is a unique blend of local architecture and Scandinavian minimalism. The house opens up towards the rice field and the light with a tall arc framing the view.  The beautiful thatched roof slopes down towards the back of the house and ends in a beautiful rain shower surrounded by plants.

Relax and relieve your stress here. Sitting on the front porch enjoying the beautiful Balinese rice fields and ocean view you can easily disconnect from worry and stress and let the sound of the rolling Indian Ocean waves sweep you away. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy some afternoon meditation or a refreshing sunset drink.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of water and nature

At the back of the triangle dome you find the bathroom enclosed by lush greenery. The shower is a rain shower suspended from the roof. Showering here is nothing short of magical. You feel like you are showering in a waterfall in middle of the jungle. You can hear the rush of the river close by as you wash away any linger worries and concerns.

The triangle dome house is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet moment to disconnect from stress and worry. The full immersion into nature and the expanding view of rice fields all the way to the ocean in front makes it easy to reconnect to yourself and the nature around you. Let the sound of the crashing waves sooth your body mind and soul.